Yoda’s Life

Yoda's Life

By Dani

Yoda Is  grandma and I cat.He  Is funny and  busy all the time becouse he is everywere he's up and down he likes to keep himself busy like a busy bee!

Yoda  likes to sleep on the bed with us at night but he  loves to sleep on our feet!

He likes people And likes going outside alot he can be anyoing sometimes but I still love him and he loves me! Yoda and I like to play together. lest I think he  likes to play with me too. I rube his tomey and pet him.We feed him all the time he is sreally heathy we make sure we take good care of him.  we also like to play chase, Chase means yoda and  I chase each other I chase him then he chasese me! Its fun to play with yoda and when we get his food he only wants the Food Food Food. After he eats he play with is balls  he has yellow,red and blue balls that have bells in them. And they make nose too!

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By Dani


(This is an unedited assignment for Dani's 6th grade English class with Mr. Bradley Fish.)

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  1. Dani Erika (Post author)

    I love yoda so much!


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