The World Of Sargon!

Sargon and the Akkadian Empire

By: Dani

Sargon once was a baby. He was put in a baskit and the baskit got caught in some weeds. 

A palace servent was outside working. Well he heard a noise and he saw the baskit and he opened it! And there was a baby boy! So the servent took the baby out of the baskit and took him to the King!

The king asked how he found the baby. He told the king how the baby was floating in a basket in the river. The servent asked the king if he could raise the baby boy like his own and the king said yes.

And sence that day Sargon grew up and was trusted by the king to bring him his wine in a gold cup. You see that no one just lets other people give the king his wine in a gold cup becouse people can posine the king and kill him sadly.

But the king trusted Sargon which the king made a bad choice of making him get his gold cup of wine. It gave him a wish to rule the world.

That is only why he should not trust sargon is he is trying to rule the whole Mesopotamia and to be king. So he got soldiers and got them to do fifty wars till Sargon rules all of mesopotamia.

So he did from that day he was king and he ruled the whole mesoptamia. But the poeple of his country – well Empire – did not like his rules. But the solders would punish them if they did not follow what the were told with out questions!

Can you beileve that? Wow that would be not fair to be told what to do and told what to eat and to go by sargon rules. so sargon was a powerful king only becouse he had a huge army of soilders to help him be king.

The End


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  1. peacebestill

    The story of Sargon's birth reminds me of the Bible story of Moses' birth and how his mother and sister put him in a basket, covering it with tar so it wouldn't sink, and setting it out on the river. The Pharoah's daughter discovered baby Moses when his basket got caught among the reeds and she got permission from the king to raise the child as her own.

    Moses, like Sargon, ended up helping all of his people, the Hebrews, to escape the Egyptian Pharoah. What remarkable similarities in these stories!

    I like how you wrote this story, Dani, and your sense of justice shines through. Really, to be ruled by FORCE? To have to force people to obey your laws simply because you have a powerful army? I'm glad God isn't like that, and He rules the whole world and beyond!

    The Arkkadian Empire lasted a long time, but it was ultimately defeated, too. Only God's Kingdom lasts forever. 🙂


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