The Voyage of Life

Studying the Paintings of Thomas Cole

By: Dani

What you see here is a gold boat with an angel with a baby. The angel is terning the boat becouse the baby can't. so its garden angel is helping bring this baby to the world.

You can see that the backround is calm, nice and flowers all around, The water is calm. Everything is just calm and nice.

Here you see the boy grew up and went off on his own, because he thinks that he does not need his angel when he realy does. but now he is leaving to go see the new world and he imagines this casel that he going to see.

Now he is going down the water in his boat but dont you notes the water and the trees. There are no flowers, no angel in this picture. he is praying for his angel and to God to help him. He is not holding on to the boat horn. What happens next!

Now he has his angel and he is an old man who just got to the ocean.  and now he will have a safe nice life.

The end




Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    Thomas Cole is becoming one of my favorite painters. His art is so rich, so deep, and so detailed that you can spend hours meditating on the messages in each one. I was mailing a bill the other day and happened to notice the stamp I attached had a painting of Thomas Cole – a forever stamp. 

    It's wonderful when a person can produce such a deeply meaningful work of art that is as meaningful decades later. I'm grateful we get to study together, too, Dani-girl!


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