The Story Of Esther

The Story of Queen Esther

One of the most inspiring women of the Bible is Esther. Her life and minisry were so prominet and of such great value that she is one of only two women who have a book of the Bible that bears her name.

Esther is an ordenary woman that God chose to use for His purposes. The book of Esther tells the story of a young Jewish girl who became a queen.

Esther lived with her coisin Mordechai. She was just around age 19 when she was taken from the house of her cousin because the king needed a new queen.

so the guards took every young women to the king. and there for Esther was chosen to be the new queen.

She took the king to a peaceful place where he had lunch and she wished to ask him something that is about her  people because they were abpout to be taken away to be killed.

so she ask him to come on another date sorrta so the King said shall be it so he came the next day and she finally asked him  about her people and he said yes but his right hand man dident want that.

Hame went to the queen and grabbed her arm and said, "Please dont send me away." then the king said YOU IN MY KINGDOM AND YOU TRY TO MAKE A MOVE ON MY WIFE YOU ARE  GOING TO DIE!!!!

the gueen sat there and watched.  Well he was taken away and her cousen was his new right hand man. and all the jewish people got to stay in the town but some left. That is the end.

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