The Silk Road

Lei Zu was the wife of Huang Di, an emperor of China. One day Lei Zu was sitting in her garden under a lovely tree. She was drinking some tea that her slave brought for her. Before she drank her tea there was a speck that flew down her nose and into her tea cup.

She looked down at the speck in her tea and pulled it out. She unraveled it and kept walking around her garden, unraveling it. She noticed how soft and light it was. It was a silk worm.

Lei Zu grabbed the cocoon of and pulled out another worm that was wrapped up inside. She kept pulling and pulling the thread. It was so shiny and beautiful. She wondered if she could make thread out of it. So she put many strands together and made the thread. She wove a robe for her husband, the emperor.

He loved it! They discovered how to make silk! Only the emperor's family was allowed to know the secret of making silk. Then they began selling the silk to other countries.

You can see a map called the Silk Road. This is how China sold silk to other countries, like India and Rome and Africa. They used camels to transports the silk. Everyone loved the silk!

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