The Railway Children – A Book Review

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The Railway Children by E. Nesbitt

Report by: Dani

This story takes place in a little house on the hill called Three Chimneys. It's a story of a rich family who live in London. Their father suddenly is suddenly taken away and they don't know what happened to him, but that's your part to read the book and find out if the dad ever gets back.

The family becomes poor and moves to the country. They have a lot of adventures, meet new friends, and almost all of their adventures take place on the railway.

Main Characters:

  • Peter – He is the only boy he likes to do all sorts of things he likes to do things on his own and help his faimly since he is the man in the house.
  1. Bobbie or Roberta – Bobbie is a sweet girl and she loves to help people and anmails that are hurt and take them home to her mother.
  • Phyilis–  She loves animals and picks berries.
  • Mrs. Waterbury– Is the mother she is kind and sweet and she will give things up to help others and she is always there for her children.

One of my favorite parts of the book is that awkward moment between Bobbie and Jim. I thought they were going to kiss!

I  give this book five stars and i hope all my friends  and faimly can enjoy  it like a did.  I dont hate anything about this book and enjoyed this book hope you can too!

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Thanks for reading!

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