The Horse and His Boy

horse and his boy

The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis

Book Report by: Dani

The Horse and His Boy is a story that takes place while two children are on a long journey. They cross a desert and then they land in Narnia.

The main characters are:

  1. Shasta – Is a slave boy but when he got to Narnia he discovered he was a prince.
  2. Aravis – Is a Tarkeena who loves riding horses. She's escaping from the man her dad wants her to marry.
  3. Bree – Is a talking horse from Narnia. He's a war horse. I think he's a white horse. He is Shasta's horse.
  4. Hwin – Is a brown talking horse from Narnia and she's Aravis' horse. 

Shasta and Aravis are traveling to a place called Narnia, to be free. They want to be free and to be happy. 

Aravis was scratched by a lion and Shasta tried to save her. The Lion was actually a good lion, from Narnia. He was protecting Shasta. There was a war and that's when he finds out he was really a prince. He is going to be king.

I can't believe Shasta was a prince all this time and that he had a twin brother named Corin. Shasta's real name was Cor. 

I recommend this book to someone who likes adventures and would like to travel.

I give The Horse and His Boy 4 1/2 stars! Would you?

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Dani and Gramma Sue are on a mission to share happiness with our readers. We have both known the deep pain of life going wrong and the feeling of being powerless. And yet, we are dazzled by the brilliance of God’s Light shining in the darkness and we cannot help but sing, shout, and write about the great things God is doing and about to do!
We love the country, horses, hiking, and exploring God’s world outdoors and through books. We spend most of our days together because we are homeschooling. :)

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  1. peacebestill (Post author)

    C.S. Lewis is a great author and I love all of his children's adventure books. The most important books in the world have been written for children, disguised as adventures, I believe. 

    "The Horse and His Boy" kept me wanting to turn the pages – it was so exciting. I sure had fun reading this book with you, Dani!

  2. Brooke

    I read this too.


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