The Hole In The Wall

By Dani

The hole in the wall.

There was a big family looking for a house for sale. One day they took a car trip and they passed through Haunted Street. The mother and father talked about the house. And the next day they bought the house  on Haunted street. 

There family thought it looked just fine to fit the whole family in but Abby said to her mother, "No i dont whant to live here!" But her sibling said, "It is a nice place to live in, since it's furnished and big."

"So yeah," they said.  They also said, "Well i am older then you, too, so deal with it."

They have four sons and one duaghter. Her name is Abby Kong. Her brothers names are Erk, Mark, Sobbla, and Clark. And there was Mrs. Kong and Mr.Kong.

Abby is not happy when she opend the door to the new house. "OK kids, get the boxes and put them inside the house," said their mother.  

So the kids did as their mother told them. Later that night Abby heard a noise. She went down stairs and she saw the big hole in the wall. She said to herself that this was not here before. i need mom. Wait she cannot find out, lets run!

Abby ran back were her family was sleeping and went to bed.

They all woke up. Abby ran to the atik she saw the hole it was gone she thought she was just dreaming all the sudden her brother erk came in and said what are you doing in here she said i can say the same about you and he said i whanted to make a fort in here she said No you can he said why not.

He said then the two parntes whent up there and sent them down stairs so they did. There was a nocking at the door abby anserwd it but now one ways there???

She told her brother nobody was there he said ya right you ding dong. She went to the kitchen and found the kooler and opend it and got  a apple. Whent back where the hole was and she sat there well eating her apple and thoought to her self about she hateing this house.

 her mother and dad called every one to the living room and said we found everyone room so on your doors it will tell you who room is witch now go get your boxes and  make your guys room nice said there mother and dad. Abby sighed and she whent to her room and sarted to make her room like she whanted it to be like and she did.

Then her mom yells come down stairs chilldren you need to come down stairs and meet our neighbors. Abby thought maybe they have kids like a girl her age. There was a girl her age but she seemed creepy.     She dose not like me  she says 'under her breath' We all had tea and talked. Finally its over and they left.

I went back to my room and look the my microscope through my window. so she did and she saw through her neighbor's window and found the girl transformed in to a warewolf. a Werewolf!!!!

ahhh mom,mom,mom she raced down stairs. Her mom said, "Are you ok what's wrong." and she told her everything she saw and her mother said she saw nothing and she just tired and she just needs to go to bed.

She woke up in this world without her family and ran for her life and never saw her family ever again but she did find her next door neighbor when she got there.

To be continued….

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