The Great Adventure

The Adventures of Abraham and Sarah

By: Dani

For history today I studied about Abraham and his wife Sarah. Moses wrote their story in the book of Genesis. It's the first book of the Bible.

Sarah and Abraham lived in the city of Ur because his whole family where Sheberd people and his father became rich becouse it was a high trading post and they traded with diffrent people around Ur.

Till one day God of our most high spoke to Abraham and told him to trust In him and leave the city of Ur and so he did. He packed up and told his father and brother.

They believe in diffrent gods but not our most high God so it was hard for them to understand. His brother was so upset at his brother Abraham that he went in a huff. His father was confused that his son wants to leave because he lisen's to this god that you cant see but feel in your heart.

His father was sad and said you toke the joy out of me. so Abraham left with some of his people and his wife sara and headed out to wereever God wanted him to go!

Life was very hard walking on there feet! Nothing was easy that time in the desert. People tried to fight them. It was hard when they got to a land he thought was the place it was not. Some guys argued about proprety and who it belonged to.

There was no land for them so they went to Egpyt. The Pharoah thought sara was the prettiest woman of them all so he wanted her. But God made the king sick and his family sick so he thought Abraham and Sarah made him sick so they made Abraham's whole family leave Egypt.

They walked back and found their new home and made neighbors with the guys who kicked him ooff their property and they became friends.They had enemies but things went well after some wars. Abraham saved his nephew Lot and his family.

And God came to Abraham. And he washed God's feet and they went off. Then God told him that sara and him were going to have a baybe and they will name it Isaac. And lived happy ever after.

My family is living by faith right now. We just moved to a new state. I'm making new friends. We are trusting God for my Gramma's new job. My mom just got a new job.

My gramma wrote this about my mom, whose name is Sara:

Long before my daughter Sara was conceived I began to think about her. I believe every soul has its own unique vibration – like a song. As you listen, you begin to hear the story of your child's life. When my second pregnancy was confirmed, I began to see her heart. I saw she had great faith, even like Abraham and Sarah, in the Old Testament. So Sara she became, and even though she is only thirty, Sara has put herself through college on an accelerated course while raising a baby as a single mom. She has twice moved across country, with all her animals and everything! 

At one time, Sara's Facebook status said: "Don't be afraid to step out of your 'comfort zone', otherwise you'll never know what great things might happen when you take that big step." Sara walks what she talks, and with such a witty sense of humor! Sara is a woman who lives by faith, and even when she doesn't always feel like it, she is a true warrior princess. Incidently, the meaning of the name, Sara, is "princess"!

This is the movie we watched and I think you'll like it to!

By Dani

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    We've been having some great adventures, too, haven't we, Dani-girl! I'm glad we have history to teach us these lessons about faith, to show us that's it's normal to feel weird when you're different… it's normal to feel scared when you venture into the unknown…. that it's normal to get into scrapes and need someone to help you out… that it's normal to pack up and leave when you know God's leading you, even if your family doesn't understand.

    I like our history book, but I think I enjoyed the movie even better. And I like the Bible, too, because there are no perfect people in the Bible… just ordinary men and women and children who try to live their best lives.


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