The First Task of a Salesman

Light-bulb Moment Number One

By: Gramma Sue

Business class with Ron Paul Curriculum has given me quite a few light-bulb moments, and today on Day 10, Dr. Gary North gave us the assignment of writing about the number one task of a salesman. In reading The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne, I discovered that a saleman's first task is to find the prospect's motivation. And that means using a whole different set of skill sets than is normally taught in sales courses.

What makes Harry Browne's sales techniques stand out is that you don't have to be the stereotypical aggressive, in-your-face sales person who makes everyone feel defensive. Instead, he teaches us to be great listeners. You see, our first task is not to present and sell a product. No, our first task is simply to listen, to ask questions, and to discover what our prospect really needs.

We can save a lot of time and energy simply by doing less talking and more listening, making our prospect feel comfortable and important to us. What is the sense of selling a product or service if it's not really needed? And why waste time presenting benefits that the prospect is uninterested in?

Everyone wants to be happy, so the light-bulb moment for me, in reading Harry Browne's first few chapters is that my job is to find out what would make my prospect happy and then match his needs to the benefits of my products and services. The best way to make sales is to be an excellent listener. After all, I may be the only person in my prospect's life who is taking the time to listen to his problems! Already, I've made myself of service, right in the first interview.

By the way, Harry Browne was twice a presidential candidate in the U.S. elections. He is prolific writer of thoughts that I am just now being introduced to. When I first discovered some of the book titles and audio files I felt excited… but also cheated, in a way… because I really wish I had made these discoveries in high school.

Parents are encouraged to take these courses along with their students, so YAY! (Okay, so this is a 9th grade class and Dani isn't in high school yet, but hey, it's not bad to get a head start!)

I'm grateful for the Ron Paul Curriculum that is raising the standard for American education and leading us on the path of freedom!

— Gramma Sue

Have you been encouraged here today?


  1. Sara

    I wish I had the personality to be a sales person. I'm sure you're real good at it and I bet Danielle will be too!

    1. peacebestill (Post author)

      I have 8 books to read for this class, plus 180 lectures and a fifth as many essays. The way they have it set up is over the course of 2 years, students learn the foundation of setting up their own business and launching it in the 2nd year. By the 7th year, they can anticipate earning a middle-class income, normally by the age of 21. From there, they can retire in their mid-forties and have a retirement income. That’s the goal, anyway! It’s a lot of hard work. By high school, students are expected to study 8 hours a day. I can see why… but it will be worth it! 🙂


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