Summer Fun with Horses

Summer Fun

By: Dani (edited with Gramma Sue)

Horseback riding is my favorite thing to do. This summer I got to ride horses in Michigan and in Montana!

In Michigan I rode a horse named Lucky and in Montana I rode Toughy.

When I am with a horse I feel good inside. It is my dream to have another horse. I want one so bad. I wish every year on my birthday and every wish I make is the same one.

It is the same old same wish every year since I was little. You do not know how much I would like a horse!

I feel like I am a horse. I tell my friends I am a horse, but all they do is argue with me. They do not understand me.

I tell them they do not know what matters to me. I don't know anyone who wants a horse as much as I do.

I just know I am a horse and it feels right. Well I think so, anyway. I  will never give up till I meet my own horse. For right now I am happy riding horses that belong to friends.  They just need to know I will never give up my dream of having my own horse.

I know lots of my friends that have horses and they think its so, so boring to have one. They think I am so crazy.

This past summer I also got to see wild horses. We were out canoeing on the Tongue River and we got to see quite a few wild horses.

At the end of summer we moved. I helped move our boat and I backed up into a pole sticking out of the ground. I tripped over it and then I had a big, big – and I mean BIG sized bump about the size of a golf ball on my left leg!crying ouch ouch ouch! But it didn't stop me from riding, because our new neighbors have a farm and they invited me to ride!

Anyway, we had a nice move and now we are getting back to school. I am writing about my summer with horses for English class.

I hope you get to have fun with the people and animals you love, no matter what any one else says!

Bye for now,


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  1. peacebestill


    Beau was your first horse friend, and I think he changed your whole life, didn't he? 🙂

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      yeah till we did not have him any more :((

      1. Dani Erika (Post author)

        it's too bad. i guss it's life tho. well i guess so cuz u do not always just get the good things in life. u get the bad too. well i think that anyways. i miss him more then u know it :((


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