Snow Caving

Danielle in her snow caveSnow Caving

By: Dani

Imagine your own kingdom and let it be done. Just think and then you’re ready to start.

When the truck driver plowed the driveway he left 6 foot high mountains. I watched out the window and got an idea.  I got started making my kingdom.

I am the snow princess of my kingdom. You can be whatever you want to be in your kingdom, so go outside and start. There is no right way or wrong way, but there’s YOUR way. So have fun!

There were other snow mountains so I broke big snow rocks out of them to build the wall.  I made a chair and a step stool for furniture. And then I made a slide too. It has stairs and a cave to snuggle up in.

It was so fun. I just get out there. There is  so much to do outdoors. Instead of laptops or tablets or your phone or TV, put it all down and shut them off and go outside. It’s so much more fun then being on electronics.

Enjoy the nature!



Dani and Gramma Sue are on a mission to share happiness with our readers. We have both known the deep pain of life going wrong and the feeling of being powerless. And yet, we are dazzled by the brilliance of God’s Light shining in the darkness and we cannot help but sing, shout, and write about the great things God is doing and about to do!
We love the country, horses, hiking, and exploring God’s world outdoors and through books. We spend most of our days together because we are homeschooling. :)

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  1. peacebestill

    I’m really proud of you, Danielle!

    I was folding clothes upstairs while you wrote this, and I love how you wrote it straight from your heart!

    You have so many good things to share that inspire me. Keep writing!

  2. Wayland

    Well, another excellent article Danielle. Your reading and writing had improved quite a bit. Keep up the good work.

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Well  thank you for the kind words!!!   🙂


  3. Sara Bednarcik

    Fantastic snow fort Danielle!!! That is way better than anything I every made as a kid. You are very creative and filled with talent! I love you!

    1. peacebestill

      Dani spent so many hours on this fort. Now with the warm weather and a bit of rain, it’s beginning to melt. There will be more snow, I’m sure – winter’s only just begun!

    2. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Will thank you mom you are a good writer. It must come in the family. I like your story. Now you can express your feelings. That is good thing! I hope you write more. 🙂


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