The Secret Garden – A Book Review

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson

By Dani

The Secret Garden is about a wounderful life in the graden. This story is about a girl named Mary who grew up in India. She was spoiled rotten. Her parents died so she was sent to her uncle's house in England. There she met his son. His name is Colin and he couldn't walk or see sunshine or breathe. Everyone had to wear masks, but Mary didn't.

Mary took down the curtains. Colin threw a tantrum. Mary was just as stubborn. So she took Colin out to the secret garden. He was so happy to find his mother's garden. 

When Colin's uncle came to look for his son they were playing hide and go seek in the garden. When he saw Colin walking, he went up to his son and couldn't believe his son was walking and playing games! They lived happily ever after.

I didn't like how they kept Colin a secret and tried to keep Mary from finding out there was a boy in the house. I like how there is a happy ending and the family was all back together.

The sad part was that Mary's mother and father died. But she ended up having a good life with her uncle and her cousin. She forgot about all the sad stuff and just had so much fun.

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