Ron Paul Launches an Online Business School for High School Students

Ron Paul's New Business Curriculum

"My curriculum (Ron Paul Curriculum) has launched a one-year course on starting a home business. Next term there will be a second year's course.

I think business courses should be taught by experienced businessmen. In universities, virtually none are. To teach business in a university, you have to have a Ph.D. in business, which is a degree granted by tenured professors of business who have never run a business.

This would be like getting trained in medicine by people who have never gone to med school or practiced medicine. …There is more to homeschooling than academic courses. There is also training in making a living on graduation day. Anyway, there should be."   — Source


In just the first week alone I am learning strategic keys to business success, including being able to take tests to determine if I am a good fit for owning and managing a business. It turns out that I am not a "perfect fit" but that doesn't mean I can't succeed. It just means that I now know what those common barriers are that I must intentionally and persistently overcome.

This course costs $50/year if you are already using the Ron Paul Curriculum. The annual cost of using the curriculum is $250 per family. If you wanted to take just the business courses, you are getting a world class education for just $300 per year. The information that is provided in this business course is comprehensive – it's more like a college course. I have no doubt this will prepare Dani and me to create a new family legacy!

In closing, I'd like to share one of the videos in the business course which may shock you. It's a TED talk by Cameron Herold who was a failure in school. He was the child that no teacher liked having in her class: bored, failing academincally, and at odds with his peers and adults alike. He talks about how his parents hired tutors to help him where he was failing.

Cameron Herold dares us to reconsider this method that has proven to be of little value. Why not mentor such a child to be an entrepreneur? He went on to own many businesses and became wildly successful. All it took was someone to set his feet on an entrepreneurial path.

Cameron even talks about how many of today's CEO's have serious mental and personality disorders, and how, if they hadn't been "damaged" they might not have tried something different and created what others could not see or understand.

Their different ways of processing actually helped them to prosper! If they had been medicated or sedated or taken to therapy, they might have conformed to traditional ways of doing things, but just think of what the world might have lost!

For all the kids who are like Cameron, it pays us as parents, teachers, and people who care to listen to what Cameron has to share:

This is Gramma Sue signing off for now, because I have eight exciting books to read for this business course, along with many other amazing videos, as well as course curriculum taught by a very successful millionaire named Dr. Gary North.

Have you been encouraged here today?


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