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By: Dani

I've been learning about carrots and potatoes this week in science class. We're studying food science and I'm in Chef's School!

Do you know how much work potaoes take? When you just buy them at the store you don't know all that goes into potatoes.

Well in this video it will tell you how potatoes work. I think this is a really cool nice video on potatoes. Becouse now I know how much potatoes take so much  time to work and get them right from the ground to the store.

Well did you know that potatoes are the most inportant thing to eat out of everything? Yes it is. I am just so happy I found that video becouse it just makes me want to make potatoes now!

So me and my Grandma are gonna share a reopie to make potatoes. I am so happy. Here's what we made today.

Crusty Roasted Potatoes

Scrub six potatoes.

Steam the potatoes until soft but still firm.

Let the potatoes cool and then cut into thick slices.

Melt a stick of butter.

Place sliced potatoes on a baking sheet and spread melted butter.

Sprinkle Mrs. Dash or similar seasoning mix on potatoes.

Broil until brown, then flip potatoes over and repeat butter and seasoning process. Broil again until brown.

Serve with other vegetables and/or meat for a light but filling meal.

I do not know why I am so happy about a heathy food becouse that is not really me. But I think this will be a nice littel thing to write about. So here I am telling you about what I learnd about potatoes. I am so inspired adout potatoes!!!!

Yay cant wait till potatoe time yay! 🙂 

Well thank you for stoping bye and hope you have a nice day and hope u like POTATOES!


dani girl 

Have you been encouraged here today?


  1. peacebestill

    I was surprised to discover there are about a thousand varieties of potatoes! Let's plan to experiment with different types of potatoes soon.

    It was also amazing to learn that potatoes are such a complete food that you can survive on eating potatoes as your primary diet. They have many vitamins and minerals, starch, fiber, calories, and water content – they are like a complete meal all in one veggie!

    It reminds me of when God's children survived on manna every day for years while they traveled in the wilderness. I always wondered how a person could survive by eating just one type of food!

    Maybe the Hebrew people learned how to make manna a thousand different ways, just like we make potatoes in so many different ways!

    I'm glad you're so excited about Chef School, Dani – you're a very good cook!

  2. Sara

    Very nice Danielle! I am happy that you are learning so much and sharing your experiences! I love you!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Mabey you can make this recipe on potatoes its very good!

      enjoy! 🙂


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