All People are Equally Important

A Milkmaid is as Important as a King

By: Dani  (Photo Source)

I am in Art School for Science class this quarter. We are reading about art in the Baroque period in the 1600's. I really liked this quote:

Meanwhile, the Protestant Reformation had an effect on art. Artists realized that a maid is just as important as a pastor. A stay-at-home mom is just as important as a king. God honors hard, honest work. All vocations can honor God and help people.

Art and paintings showed common people doing "common business" (like household chores). This work was shown to be significant because God created life and He will reward work (service) done for Him and people.

My work is studying. I'm just as important as the president of the United States.

This is what I believe. All people are equally important.

I am glad I read it today and I just wanted to share it with you.

How does it make you feel?



Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    One of the many things I love and appreciate about you, Dani, and is your passion for justice! This quote leapt off the page to you, because it must have hit a nerve that connected you to one of your core values, that of equality for all people.

    You live your truth – I can see that in you as you walk through each day. You care about all people so much, especially those who are downtrodden, misunderstood, and overlooked.

    I love you!


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