Osiris and Set

One of the Most Famous Early Egyptian Stories

By: Dani

Once upon a time there was a god named Osiris. He and his wife ruled over the whole land of Egypt.

One day Osiris went on a trip and left his wife Isis in charge of the kingdom so she did. But Osiris evil brother Set wanted to rule over Egypt so once osiris came back Set made a party with all the Gods.

He invited his brother Osiris to the party. He said my brother wont hurt me so he went to the party. There was Set and all the diffrent gods at a table. and Set said lets play a game. and he brought in a golden dimend coffin and said whoever fits just right in this coffin they can die in it when they die.

So each god sat in the coffin one after another but none fit. so Set called Osiris to lay down in it. He did and it was so comfortable he laid all the way down in it. but then Set snapped the lid closed and threw it in the river.

Osiris wife hurried down the river and caught the coffin that was stuck in the reeds. Osiris was dead but then he came alive!

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    A resurrection story, wow!

    Studying ancient history is very interesting! 🙂

    Good job telling the story, Dani 🙂


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