My Pets!

By Dani

My Pets Are …

Olive my cat shes a tabby cat I had her since she was like a baby kitten shes six years old right now.

Jerchio is my dog hes 11 right now and he a big brown dog hes  a mix people call him a bare becouse he look like one but hes this sweeties thing ever hes douse not like kids he gave for me since like we got him when  he was a couple weeks old to at a shalter when i was like one.

Chedder is my bunny hes orange hes so seet i had him since he was winned with his brother and sisters chedder is like a dog he followes you he likcks me and he runs  serquls around me and he squrts yern at me that means he maring me as his girl  hes like one right now almost two I think.

Love you 

By Dani




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