My Millipede, Fred

My Millipede, Fred

By: Dani

I found a millipede named Fred. He has about 500 to 800 legs. Fred is a boy. I am certain that he is. I found Fred coming into our garage. Well Grandpa and I, we were working on the bunkbed, but I will tell you that later in another story. So Grandpa spotted Fred and he told me things about Fred and then Grandpa said I can keep him for a few days.

This is the house I made for him out of a plastic container.

Fred's House

Fred eats apple peelings and live plants and dead plants and tiny, tiny insects. He also eats leaves and grass and also banana peels.

You know that a millipede can lay 1,000 babies, if it is a girl. I named him Fred and I studied him. Today I let Fred go free. 

Fred the millipede

Millipedes are arthropods. Arthropods have bodies that are divided into segments. Every segment has two pairs of legs. Their legs have joints, like humans have knees and ankles.

They don't have a skeleton inside their body, like people do. They have an exoskeleton. That means they have a skeleton outside of their body. 

I learned about other arthropods by watching this video.

I also watched a movie that is teaching me about vertebrates and invertebrates:

Nine out of ten animals in our world are invertebrates. That's pretty cool. 

I learned about different insects that are in the same family as millipedes. I got to learn what they look like and stuff. I think Bill the Science Guy is really great to watch because he makes kids laugh. He's teaching us something but he's also making science fun.

I really like that because we don't have to watch boring old science videos. But I think I'd like to watch his videos a million times. 

You should type in Bill Nye the Science Guy and it's just so cheerful. I started watching his videos in second and third grade and we were all laughing every single second.

The coolest part of the film was the octopus who could squeeze through a small hole because it didn't have a back bone.

The worms were the funniest, because Bill was talking about the ooey, gooey worms. They're so slimy and wormy and they wiggle. 

The prettiest arthopod is the butterfly. They are the most amazing thing in the world I've ever seen.

The craziest thing was when Bill was talking about tapeworms. I was grossed out!

I prefer Bill Nye the Science Guy for science because he makes it so fun to learn about the world. I hope you watch the whole thing. Science is fun!

The end.

Bye-bye, gotta go!

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    I really enjoyed Bill Nye, too. It was fun to see the kids doing the invertebrate dances. Learning that no backbone is no problem made me feel like trying out an invertebrate body for a day. I wonder how it would feel to move like a jellyfish or to buzz through the air like a dragonfly? 🙂

    I'm glad you have such curiosity about arthropids, Dani. I was surprised to learn that they are 90% of the animals on earth. It makes sense, though, especially when you think about all the lakes and oceans on earth… not to mention the sky!

    We live in a beautiful, exciting world, don't we? 🙂


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