My Dream Bedroom

My Dream Bedroom

By: Dani – an essay for English class

My awesome dream bedroom will have a big window. My horse's pen will be as close as possible to my bedroom so he can stick his head in my bedroom whenever he wants!

I would have a king size bed and a big bathroom in my bedroom. There would be lots of nice things like tables for my Littlest Pet Shop and all my ranch toys.

My bedroom color will be blue! And it will have lots of posters and stickers on my walls!!

I will have a big closet and more fun stuff. There will be lots of nice cool things and that is my dream bedroom!

Bye for now!


Have you been encouraged here today?


  1. peacebestill

    When you were only a few days old, Dani, I put you in a carseat in the back of our pickup truck and we went to go visit our horse, Fire. I rolled down the window as Fire galloped up next to the truck. And you know what?? He stuck his  head as far as he could reach into the window!

    I didn't have any treats for him. Nope… he simply wanted to see YOU in the back seat!! He was trying so hard to get his face close to you. It was quite remarkable.

    So when I read about your bedroom window opening into the horse corral and your horse being able to look in on you, I remembered Fire and how he loved to do just that!

    In fact, Fire used to try to walk up our porch and into the house, at times! I can tell having a horse near your bedroom is the most important detail, to you. I can sure see where your heart is, and maybe Fire knew that about you, even when you were less than a week old!

    I believe you will get your heart's desire, Dani. Already you have a bedroom with your very own bathroom, and even though it's not a king-size bed, you have a really big bed that has the BEST mattress in the whole house! So you're getting there. I believe you'll have all of your dreams come true, Dani!

    1. peacebestill

      If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer… nothing is impossible with God….

      I know your mind and heart are always seeking God's perfect will, so when you ask Him for what you want, you're in tune with Heaven's plans… not always perfectly, as no one is… but I do believe there is much more for us in this world to experience than the poverty, suffering, wars, and grief we commonly see.

      Jesus said that He came to bring us Life, and that more abundantly. I don't see that as material wealth so much as happiness and contentment with what we have, along with a healthy desire to produce over and above what we can consume… to be a blessing.

      You deserve huge blessings, Dani, because you are such a big blessing to so many of us!

      1. peacebestill

        Imagination, combined with writing our dreams and visions down, is powerful!


    A king size bed, a big bathroom, a big closet… I want a bedroom like that! Especially one where a horse can stick his head in through the window to say hi!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Oh yeah – talk to u later


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