My Best Friend Is My Dog :)


By: Dani

I have a dog. His name is Kiah and we go everywhere together. He never leaves my side.

But then he was gone. I found out that he had to go to a different place and it was the most heart broken heart breaking thing that ever happend with a dog.

So I was crying so so hard that I would not listen to anybody or talk. He was my best friend. I see him off and on but he does not need to come to me because he has moved on.

I ask God, "Why, God, has this happened? Why, just why?"

Did God know it would break my heart like it did? I do not know. I wonder if that happened for a reason, but I do not see it all. All I know is I miss him and think that it is unfair.

Why God, I do not understand, but soon He will tell me the reason why?



Have you been encouraged here today?


  1. peacebestill

    "Where is God when it hurts?" is a question we all ponder, if we are honest with ourselves. What purpose could there be in raising a puppy for half a year and then having to suddenly say good-bye?

    Death is easier to understand than injustice, I think. Animals get sick and die – that's one thing. But when people simply want to be mean and make it so your dog has to go away, that's not something we're ever intended to understand.

    Our minds and hearts aren't equipped to live with injustice. We're meant to DO something about it, but in cases like this, all we can do is trust God to do something for Kiah that only He can do.

    Kiah had trouble finding a new home. The first couple of people tried him out and it didn't work out. Now he's with an elderly man and Kiah gets to run around the farm all day long.

    He used to remember our truck and run up to us, bounding into the backseat as if he was ready to go home with us! Now, he's so used to his new life that his ears aren't listening for our truck anymore. He looks content! 

    Like you said, Dani, he's moved on. But your heart is still broken, isn't it? When I read the first line of your post, about Kiah always being by your side and never leaving you, I sensed that's what you miss most of all… the companionship of a forever friend who would love and accept you every minute, no matter what mood you were in.

    People, even I, are not always as unconditional in our love. When we get moody or obstinate or whatever, people tend to want to back away from us. But not dogs – dogs see beyond our moods and into our hearts and they lick us until we smile. Dogs nudge our downturned faces until we look up and see the Light in their eyes. 

    Sometimes people remark that if you spell dog backwards, you get "God" and I think it's true… Dogs like Kiah are a lot like God.

    I remember in John 14 Jesus promised He would send the Holy Spirit – God's own essence and life force – to be with us forever. He told us that God's Spirit would our Counselor, our Guide, our contant Companion in life.

    Animals come and go through our lives, but God's Spirit remains with us forever and ever, before and after we die, as well as all the days of our lives.

    I don't know why Kiah came into our lives and then had to leave so suddenly. It seemed terribly cruel to me, also. I could barely breathe when I heard the news! And I dreaded you having to hear the same bad news!

    I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. You were in the backyard hugging Kiah, just hanging out with your best friend. And I wanted that moment to last forever, but Grandpa said the management had already made its decision.

    I don't know why bad things happen, but I do know it's a miracle Kiah has a good home now. And maybe if Kiah were here you wouldn't have Cheddar, who is the very best bunny I ever knew. 

    And Yoda, our new kitten… it's quite possible he would not be here, either. One family can only have so many pets!

    Cheddar and Yoda can't take Kiah's place… or Beau's… or anyone else's place. But one thing I do know is that nothing of value is ever lost. God always makes sure of that. The bond you had with Kiah is real and true – and it will always be full of love.

    And I pray that Love fills you up so much that the grief and pain have no room to stay. Keep your heart open, Dani, and keep writing!

    You ask good questions, and even though I don't have all the answers, sometimes it's just good to talk things out with people who know what it's like to ponder the same thoughts.

    I'd like to challenge you to ask God what He thinks about what happened to Kiah and why He seemed to allow something bad to happen. 

  2. peacebestill

    PS  Remember, it's okay to cry!

  3. peacebestill

    Later today, I was listening to pray-as-you-go for Tuesday the 15th and the Scripture was about Simeon and Anna who prophesied over Jesus, when he was a baby… how he would change the whole world, but yet would suffer greatly. They said to his mother, Mary, that a sword would pierce her soul.

    Isaiah prophesied that our Messiah would be a "man of sorrows" and in the New Testament we discover that Jesus learned obedience through his suffering.

    Could it be that sorrow and joy go hand in hand together? Because Jesus was also known as a joyful, fun person to be around, so much so that children felt welcome to jump on his lap and wrap their arms around his neck.

    It's a profound thought, to realize that Jesus loved life to the utmost but was willing to sacrifice it for the greater good of Himself and all of us… because of the JOY set before Him!

    I'm thinking, Dani, that there is a whole lot of JOY set before you, and maybe that's something God wants all of us to contemplate….


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