Max’s Great Adventure

flying rat
– Based on a true story that took place on November 23, 2014 –
The house was dark and quiet. Neither the human, dog or cat were anywhere to be seen. “Is this my chance at freedom?” Thought Max. Surely I will not pass up this opportunity to go on an adventure! Max walked to the edge of the hutch and looked down, contemplating the risk versus reward of his planned adventure. “That sure is a long ways down but I’ve done it before and I can do it again! Although once I’m down, I just have to be quiet like a mouse to avoid bringing about the attention of that large, furry, gray and black, yellow-eyed beast that is usually lurking around!”
Max took a step forward. He assumed a crouching position and leapt into the air, arms and legs spread wide. He felt a tickle in his stomach as he sailed through the air and plopped to the floor. “Whew! That wasn’t so bad! Now what?” He pointed his nose into the air and took a big whiff. He could smell the bedding from his cage. He knew that was the direction he wanted to go. It was the human child’s room. That area was familiar and he felt he would be safe in the room of his human caretaker.
Max’s heart was pounding. He was scared but excited! He took a moment to check for the presence of the large furry beast. She was nowhere in sight. He leerily crept forward, trying to be as quite as possible. The door was open just a crack. Could he fit? He suddenly became aware of his large belly and wished he had not eaten so many almonds the past few days. He stuck his head into the human child’s room and forced his big mid-section though the opening. He was in! The smell of his bedding was stronger now. His heart was thumping so fast but with the familiar smell of home, he began to feel safer. He followed the smell and stood on his hind legs. He could see his home! But how could he get up so high? He suddenly started thinking that perhaps he should have foregone such an adventure. So many things could go wrong! He could get lost. He could get attacked by the furry beast! Where would he get food? Where was he going to sleep? He let his fears and worries pass and decided that no matter what, everything would be okay. After all, this was his chance for an adventure!
Max looked around and suddenly noticed a numerous amount of colorful toys and shiny objects. How cool! He wished he could collect them all and store them in his home. He walked about and picked up a tiny plastic doll. He looked at the colors and details in awe. Perhaps he can keep this one? He tried to carry it in his mouth but soon realized that he still had not discovered a way to get up to his home. Especially not all the way up there with his new precious object! He stored it away in a special spot and told himself he would come back for it. Suddenly, Max grew sleepy. His short adventure had already worn him out. Perhaps he should have taken a nap earlier!
Max quietly crept over to the human child’s closet. There were mounds of objects and soft clothes. His eyelids grew heavy and he started to wonder how he was going to get back up to the hutch or to his home. Surely the human will come find me! He wanted to snuggle up in the vast amount of clothes strewn about the closet but he knew he must stay in a place where could easily be found should the big human come looking for him. There, in the corner of the closet was a big, green balloon. He walked over and sniffed it. It smelled funny although he didn’t mind. He walked behind the balloon and settled right near the corner of the wall. Soon, his eyes closed and he was asleep. The next thing he knew, he heard someone calling his name. “Max! Max! Where are you Max? Come out, come out wherever you are!” He heard the big human enter the room and move stuff about in the closet. Items right near him were being moved and replaced. “I’m here! I’m here! Just look behind the balloon!” Max wanted to call out. The thing was, he can’t speak human! He began to rethink his strategy of hiding behind the big green balloon. At this time, he was done with his adventure and just wanted to savor his usual breakfast of fresh warm scrambled eggs and chomp on some almonds and relax. He could hear the human leaving the room and then heard more doors opening and closing. He could hear the big human moving about calling his name. He waited patiently. Soon, the house became silent. The human had not found him! Fear began to encompass him but he again, let it pass, reassuring himself that everything was going to be okay. He knew that with a positive outlook, everything always turns out to be okay!
As time passed by, Max tried to keep himself occupied. He went out exploring and played with more toys but knew that he would soon have to return to his spot behind the balloon. He didn’t want to be in the exact place that the human already checked for fear that the human might not look there again. After a while, he heard some commotion outside the human child’s bedroom. The giant brown furry beast was making all sorts of noise! He was excited! He heard the big human’s voice greet the large, furry, brown beast. Surely he’ll be found now! He was soooo hungry! His big belly had been making growling noises all day! When he napped, he dreamt of the fluffy, moist scrambled eggs that he missed out on for breakfast.
Soon, the human child’s bedroom door opened. Alas! He would be found! He anxiously waited behind the green balloon. He heard commotion in this human child’s closet but it wasn’t close to him! “Heeeere! I’m heeeeeeere!” He imagined himself saying in human language. Objects began being moved near him. Suddenly the shadow of the balloon was no more. There, peering down at him was the big human! “Max! There you are!” The big human exclaimed. Finally! He had been rescued and could eat some dinner! The big human reached over and grabbed him. He felt as if he had never been so relieved to be handled by the big human.
He was promptly returned to the hutch that he had made his escape from. Almonds suddenly appeared before him and he quickly scooped them up and scampered over to his custom made shoebox. Food! Familiar shelter! I’m home! Max savored the almonds and decided that next time, he would put more consideration into any possible future adventures.
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  1. Dani Erika

    That was cool. Nice writing!

  2. Susan Schiller

    Max is special rat. Dani has 3 rats, of course, but Max is certainly the one with the MOST personality! He’s quite independent, too, and prefers winding his way along shelves, ledges, and furniture rather than his cage.

    You’ve captured Max’s personality perfectly, Sara! I love your story and I look forward to MORE! 🙂


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