Lucky Loved Her Pain Away

Lucky Loved Her Pain Away

By: Gramma Sue

Horses know what you are feeling and they really care.

They are a lot like God.

Lucky lives at Crossroads Farm – a beautiful place in Michigan!

We like to visit as often as we can.

Dani rode Lucky, and afterward she she said Lucky took her pain away.

Amy taught Dani it's good to wait for her own horse.

She said she should ride as many different horses as she can.

God knows the horses we need.

And sometimes they will be forever friends.

Sometimes they will be passing friends.

But every horse God sends Dani brings her a little more healing.

This is Dani's time to get to know lots of different horses.

And one day God will show Dani her very own horse.

Horses are meant to be loved and shared, not just owned.

Like people.

Have you been encouraged here today?

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