Lion in the House

Lion in the House

By: Dani

My English teacher, Kaliste Fish, told us to write an essay this week. When I heard I was supposed to write a story about what I would do if a lion came in our house, it made me think of a secret code my gramma and I have.

If I don't feel safe with anyone in my house, I'm supposed to say, "There's a Bear in the house!" Then Gramma will make that bad person go away.

What I would do if a lion was in my house… I would run outside and run to my best friends house right next to us. Then close the doors!! And explain to my best friend why I just ran into her house. Then we would go to the window and see if the lion got out, then we would forget and start playing!!!

And if my grandma was not there i would call her and we would get the anmails and run fast as we could. Then we would call 911! Then we just go back to home like nothing happened. That is what I would do if a lion was in my house!

Bye for now!


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  1. peacebestill

    Oh my, that sounds like you, Dani, racing to rescue your animals from the lion! 🙂


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