Liberty Business School

Hi, I'm Susan, Dani's gramma. We homeschool using the Ron Paul Curriculum because it empowers us to be authentic, to live free, and to help spread the message of liberty.

We live in the "Land of Liberty" but too many of us have never experienced the abundant life Jesus paid for us to have. Christ showed us a better way to live … a freedom lifestyle. Free from fears, doubts, and worries.

We're so used to hearing the Word but not living it. One day God said to me, "Saddle up your horses and get ready to ride – the ride of your life!" I had been living in the suburbs of Chicago for nearly two decades and had never been around horses. But His contagious enthusiasm swept me off my feet and I prayed some dangerous prayers, like, "Whatever it takes, make me like Jesus." and "Give me eyes to see as You see, ears to hear, and feet and hands that will do what You want to do."

It ruined my life, for good. It kicked me out of my Christianese comfort zone. What are the odds that a Chicago children's pastor would go live with Indians out West? Or a homeschooling mom run a hazmat site? Could a city woman become  rancher?

Well, I did all those things. It's indeed been the adventure of a hundred lifetimes! I'm writing a memoir called, "On the Way Home" as part of this freedom legacy I want to leave.

The adventures are still ongoing, and in fact, another adventure beckons! I am returning to school, full circle. I am homeschooling a second generation. This time around I sought a curriculum that would prepare us for a family business.

Family is the backbone of society. My dream is to support not only my own family but to help nurture, protect, and launch other families to be self-sustaining by owning a family business.

The world system rips families apart, with parents working 2nd and 3rd jobs and children running from program to program. Everyone needs their own therapist just to survive the rate race!

I dare to believe God has a better way and that it begins with Family as our genuine home base for education, income generation, and therapy. Why not, I say?

The Ron Paul Curriculum allows us to learn all of the foundational subjects: Math, English, History, and Science but also adds Personal Finance and Business to their extensive resources. With online education it puts the heavy load on the curriculum and leaves the parents free to earn income.

So many of my peers are returning to college to advance their careers. I have thought of doing the same, but you know… not many schools today teach you how to become an entrepreneur while instilling strong family values.

This new adventure is just beginning and we invite you to share our journey. As part of our studies we are required to blog. It takes a lot of courage to hit the publish button, so your comments mean much to Dani and me!

Wish us bon voyage, if you want to… our new adventure is just beginning!



PS  This is a 9th grade class and by the end of 10th grade a student is expected to launch their own business and be earning a middle-class income by age 21, with continual growth projected until they are able to retire in their mid-40's if they wish. I'm 54 years old, so that means I'd better skidaddle and get to work!