Join Me at the Dinosaur Museum

My Trip to the Dinosaur Museum in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Dictated by: Dani

Gramma and I went to the Dinosaur Museum in Thermopolis, Wyoming. It's in the Hot Springs State Park. As soon as you get into the museum you can see all kinds of fossils and rocks.

The tour starts by showing you fossils from the ocean. I saw all kinds of shells, crabs, and fish. One shell was two-feet long and it said, "Please touch."

Next there were big, monstruous skulls that reminded me of whale snakes.

This here is a fossil of a little tiny dinosaur. It's a feathered dinosaur and it's pretty tiny and cool. I liked it. It's so unique and wonderful.

Every single dinosaur has it's own personality. 

This museum is so big. I learned a lot about fossils, dinosaurs, and animals you can't see anymore. I learned about how dinosaurs died.

There was a big box where you stick your hand in to feel a fossil. Then you open the box to see if you're right. I guessed about three of them right.

There was a long movie about how the dinosaurs died. There was a heat explosion that ripped their skin off. Lots of dinosaurs died in the fire. There was also a flood that drowned some of the dinosaurs.

Life was different on this planet ever since that day.

Fossils are something that's died in the ground or the rocks. When archaeologists dig, they find fossils in the ground. Fossils tells us a story about what life used to be like. You can see their features and their amazing ways.

In this story it looks like these animals used to be in the sea. The sea goes so deep we can't see most of what is in it.

There is still a lot of mystery in our world. This guy looks like he's smiling.

I hope you get to visit Thermopolis, Wyoming. It's definitely worth the pay and time of going to the Dinosaur Museum. You can see and learn a lot there, just like I did.

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  1. peacebestill

    It was fun visiting the museum with you, Dani! We've been learning about historians and archaeologists and how they work together to reconstruct what happened in the past.

    The size of those dinosaurs, from small to giant, totally amazed me! To see those fossils and the astonishing clarity of every feature of the animals was surprising to me. I didn't realize there was such detailed fossils.

    The documentary we watched on the movie screen was fascinating. To think an asterioid may have hit the earth, causing a worldwide earthquake, tidal wave, and fires was really scary to even consider. But you know, something catastrophic happened to change life on earth forever, back then.

    It's interesting that many dinosaur bones have been found out West, even in our local area. It's fun to study history this way, isn't it? 🙂

  2. Sara

    Wow! It’s pretty amazing to think that dinosaurs used to exist! I’m sure glad they don’t exist anymore though because I would be afraid of getting eaten!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      yup cool mommy. and thxs for stopping in so much. hope u having a good day. today thxs again!!
      XD 🙂 XD love with all my heart!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      1. Dani Erika (Post author)

        just a update well hello peolpe hope you like my posts thxs for stoping in thxs 🙂 XD


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