I Put My Arm Inside a Cow!

I Put My Arm Inside a Cow! EEEWWWWW!!!!

By: Dani

Last Thursday I went to Fort Keough on a school field trip. I got to learn different things.

I learned that cows have four stomachs. We got to see what the stomachs look like.

The man in the blue shirt was talking about how cows eat and digest their food. He taught us all about cows.

I put a big glove on, all the way to my shoulder. It was actually longer than my shoulder but I cuffed it up. I put my hand inside the cow and I felt the hay and grass in there. It was gross.

At first I didn't put my hand all the way in. I kept taking my arm out every few seconds. The man said, "It won't bite!" 

The man told all the kids that he hid a Snickers bar in there. And it was for real. Whoever had found it got to eat it. All the boys went first.

Well, none of the kids really found it, but I felt like a little wrapper, but it was too deep.

I felt the side of the cow's stomach and I grabbed some of the hay. It was so, so hot!

The man told us more about the cow. And then we were done. 

I learned a lot at Fort Keough and I'm glad I went. It was pretty gross to put my hand in a cow but I hope to go back soon.

Bye, see you soon!


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  1. Sara

    Oh my! That seems like quite an interesting experience!


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