I Love My Dream

I Love My Dream

By: Dani

My big dream is to have my own horse and to be a vet. I also want to live on a big, red ranch.

I want to have five children and to have lots of pets. I will have my hands full but it's what I want and I will try as hard as I can to make it happen.

So I want you to make your dream to come true. So make it happen! I want to encourage you to make your dream come true.If you think it is hard work or say that is not going to happen you are wrong. Never say that. If you say that it will push it away from you.

So say positive thoughts about yourself. Do not think negative. That it is not going to get you anywhere in life. That is your decision not mine, but I hope you make a good choice in life.



Have you been encouraged here today?


  1. peacebestill

    Great job, Dani! I love how you are being so positive and encouraging us to be positive about our big dreams, too.

    I like how you are descriptive of your ranch. It sounds like the house will be red, or the barn, or maybe the roof? (I like houses with a red roof!)

    It's good to be as descriptive as possible. 🙂

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  3. Sara

    Very nice plan Danielle and great positive attitude! I love you!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Thank you mom

      I Love you too!!!

      hope you have a nice day

      Love Dani girl!!

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