How I Make Prayer Ties

How I Make Prayer Ties

By: Dani

How to make prayer ties? Well to make prayer ties you get some 100% cotton cloth and 100% cotton string and some tobacco.

You take a shell or something you can burn sage in. You can go to your local store in get loose tobaco.

The colors… I used white, red, and black. I cut the cloth into squares. And then I put some sage in a shell and lit a bright fire on the sage in the nice gentle shell and then blew gently.

If you want to do this, you can, too. You take your square of cloth, put a tiny pinch of tobacco in the middle. Say your prayer and then say all my relations. Fold four sides together and tie on the string.

I had 100 white ties, one red, and one black. Then you are ready for the next step.

Get ready to burn your prayer ties. I am, so let's do it! Ok, so in you go to your fire pit. Wrap your prayer ties around in a roll to keep them from getting tangled.

Then put some dead grass or some sweet grass if you like.  Sage if you want, is optional.

Light the fire on the prayer ties then sit till they are all done. Your prayers rise with the smoke of the tobacco. Then you are done.

Thank you  for making prayer ties with me.



Dani Girl


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  1. peacebestill

    Hi Dani,

    There came a time when I decided to not be afraid of other religions, cultures, or various ways to worship our Creator. I don't regret making that decision.

    Praying with prayer ties is fun because we do it together. We get to use our hands and make something pretty. There is so much mystery in the world that it will take millions of years – all of eternity – to understand even a small part of our the universe works.

    Science is always changing but what I like about worshiping God with ancient rituals, like prayer ties, is the connection not only with God but with all of the people, past and present, who are together in Him.

    When we burned our first prayer ties, it was under a beautiful, full moon. You danced around the fire and it felt so peaceful. It's something we did together.

    What I enjoyed the most was hearing what your prayers were, as you prayed into the cloth, covering the tobacco, which is considered as medicine among the Indians… you prayed for so many people, and every prayer was positive and uplifting. You even prayed good things for your enemies.

    As long as our hearts are opened to God and we pray in a good way, in His name, does it matter if our hands touch beads or ties or beat a drum? Somehow the mystery of it all inspires me to think bigger, to be more than I was yesterday.

    You inspire me the most, Dani-girl!

  2. peacebestill

    "There are parents whose happiness depends on whether they can get their children to take the garbage out, and they spend lifetimes not feeling free because they can’t compel them to.

    Or there are parents who feel they cannot feel good unless their children make the same choices that they would have them choose –so they never find joy. There are so many people who are letting their happiness be hung up on the behavior of someone else. Because it’s not your job to control them. It’s not even your job to guide them."

    ~Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA, 2/28/04/B



    Dani, I thought of you, when I read this quote today… how you seem "rebellious" toward adults who want you to make the same choices they have made… when really, it's not their job to guide you, but to encourage and support you in finding your own Source – God – who guides you.



    I have to remind myself of this a lot – that you have much to teach ME! Otherwise, I take too much responsibility on myself to try and get you to learn a bunch of facts… when really, it's the love of learning and the pursuit of truth that is a wiser way to mature, along with bearing the responsibility for your own consequences based on the choices you make.

  3. Sara

    Very cool Danielle! I look forward to making prayer ties with you one of these days!


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