Horse Love


By: Dani

Gramma asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, "A horseback ride!" I love horses! A friend named Amy taught me how to ride. She told me I should ride as many horses as I can and learn from as many people as I can.

Kim is the new friend riding next to me. These are her roping horses.

One of the things I learned is that when you ride someone else's horse, you should always ask the owner to ride the horse first. That way you get to know if the horse likes to take off while you're getting on.

It was a windy day… and my horse was amazing.  My horse is eight years old and what a sweet heart. We took a short ride because a storm was coming. You know how afraid all horses can be when a storm comes. When I ride, I feel like something great and wonderful is happening. It was such a nice ride I would like to do it again.

A ranch takes a lot of work to run. I learned that the hay costs about 130 dollars a ton. And they have to put five hay bales out each day. They had to sell half their herd so they can buy the hay.

On their ranch they have chickens and pigs, too. Kim has four pigs and a dozen chickens. They have about 13 horses there on the ranch.

It is so pretty there. It felt good to wear my new cowboy boots and they work really well. You can see the ranch in the video below!

Thank you Kim for teaching me more about riding and taking me on a tour of your ranch! It was a really special day!

Bye for now,


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  1. Sara

    What a great experience. I'm glad you enjoyed the horseback ride!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      wish u whent with me but.. i am glad  becouse i broought you there in my heart you will always will be there


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  3. Rebecca

    I love horses too! I take riding lessons. Also really cool blog!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Awesome! I’m glad we met!

  4. Brooke

    1. My Mom's name is Kim.

    2. I LOVE horses! I've actually not been around horses much, but I've always wanted to take riding lessons!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      yeah cool i think I am a horse because i just do! I want a horse so bad  but maybe again I had a horse before but something happened. but anyway, thank u for coming and talking to me. Thank you again! 🙂

  5. Wayland

    Hello Dani:  I like the new look of your web-site and especially the horse photo/video Grandma put up here.  It really captures the spirit of your "birthday ride".  Nice boots too. 

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Well thanks grandpa. It was pretty cool! Thank you for coming and taking a look. 🙂 love  dani


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