He Goes Ahead of Us

Words to Live By

By: Grammy

God knew far in advance what would happen that year to a little girl who only wanted a daddy's love and security. He knew what she would need this week, too, following the unfolding of her story. He is walking before her, making a Way.

He knew she would need joy, creativity, songs, and laughter. At the last minute, she discovered a local audition for a children's theater and she won a part. Not a big part that would require lots of work, but a fun role.

In the midst of the swirl of props, costumes, and stage changes a young man treats her gently and politely. He shows her all boys are not out for "one thing". In a fit of giggles she tells me how her day went. And I smile and try to giggle with her, even though my heart bleeds for her sorrow.

I am checking to see if my priorities are in order…

  • Rest
  • Play
  • Giggle
  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Create
  • Enjoy Nature
  • Look in her eyes and tell her it's going to be all right.

In doing all of the above I'm praying, praising, and declaring that God is Good. And in His Goodness He always makes a way through the wilderness.

I take a breath and let it out. I breathe in and out again. Today is a day for just breathing, because there are times when I can do no more. Breathing is my prayer today. It's my expression of Hope, Faith, and Love… the greatest things a girl can possess.

For in hoping, help arrives.

In believing, dreams become reality.

In loving, life is made worth living.

For me, this is walking in the spirit…. this earth is not my forever home. But I can be at Home even here on this dark planet. I can refuse to worry or think all thoughts we women tend to think… the "what if's" and all the guilt and regret those lines of thoughts take.

I will stay on the Path by focusing on the Light. Tragedy cannot draw me off course, it can only be used by God to enrich our lives.

Gramma Sue

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill (Post author)

    God indeed making a Way through this dark place. The dark one is behind bars and may God have mercy on his soul.


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