Friends – What They Mean

Friends are nice to have by your side. Some are always there for you.

They do It with  you. When you might be scared they can always help you when you need It. When you do things together you build a bond. You can tell them how you feel.

And work things out no matter what.  They are always there for you. I play and hangout with my friends. It is fun.  

But Its hard to teach people new things. Its good to try your best. Its maybe hard to play with more then two friends at the same time. I can tell you a long story about that.

But you should be the one trying to make things right between each other. Its hard because maybe you best friend wants to be your favret daughter in the game but so douse your other friend. But they just keep arguing  about who Is the best for me.

Its hard but its best to help  to work things out  together.



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