Facts About Buying a Horse


These are facts about buying horses

By: Dani

Here are some things you need to know before u buy your own horse. I hope this means much to you.

Well, i will talk about what to look for when u by u own horse. so these are tips on how to buy and what to look for when you are ready to buy a horse! You should ask the owner:

  • The horse's age? Older horses are better for new riders and you should not consider any horse under five years old.
  • What it has been used for? Is it being ridden regularly, and how is it normally ridden.
  • Its experience and training? The more experience the better.
  • Its health and soundness (does it have any physical limitations)? While there are some unsoundness that a beginner can work around, generally a horse should be healthy and able to work regularly.
  • How long has it been ridden/driven (sometimes horses aren't trained until late in life)? If it was broke and trained as a ten year old, it might not be suitable for a beginner.
  • Does it have any vices (bad habits)? Things like cribing weaving, bucking, wood choing and other habits can affect management and enjoyment of your new horse. 

There are lots of ways to look at a horse to find out things and to ask the owner what the horse is like!

i realy want a horse because well its a long story and I want one so bad. But i would like to tell u something. It takes lots of time to get a horse and stuff. For I have been wanting a horse since I can remember.

Well bye for now

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  1. peacebestill

    It looks like did some good research, Dani, about buying a horse. Very good!

    I like how you set up your bullet points, too. Good writing… just check some of your "short cut" words like "u" and change them to "you" and a few other similar things and it will be even easier to read! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Very informative Danielle! You are definitely learning a lot about horses. Very cool!


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