Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian Mysteries

By: Dani

Grandma and I watched movies about mummies and how the Egyptians were back then. We saw how small the first mummies were. its so small like my hight and old and rusty and orange.

And there were giants too that they belive were around. They were big – so big. They had a big cave they were about 10 feet tall.  If one of them went to hunt to eat and never came back they knew that they died.

How hard it was to build the pyramids. And what a shape they made in the sky altogether! There are so many mysteries. They used machines and tools to build the pyramids that shouldn't have been around in those times. No one knows how they could have built the pyramids with ancient tools.

Where did the water come from? What did they do all their lives? Well most of them that were special built the pyramids for their whole life and worried about dying. They made a pyramid to take care of them selfs in the after life. Their families collected food and clothes and jewelry to put in with the mummies.

It is interesting to watch archeologists dig. They are still finding more and more treasures from those days. There are so many mysteries!

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