Dolphin Song – A Book Review

I Love Dolphin Song!

By: Dani

This book is really exciting! It's about a girl my age named Martine who lives with her grandmother in Africa. I live with my grandma too.

Martine faces her biggest fear, which is swimming in the ocean. She goes on a field trip with her class to study ocean life. A storm comes up and the wind makes big waves that push Martine and some of her friends overboard. It's really scary for the kids. They are almost drowning. Then some dolphins come and give them rides to a deserted island.

Something strange is happening on the island. There are booby traps. The kids are not safe. It seems like they are going to be killed. Even the dolphins are dying.

I like seeing how the kids showed who they really were when everything was going wrong. When there is so much stress you can't believe you can ever survive. This book helps me to have hope. It shows me what good friends are like.

I won't tell you how it ended. This story is really exciting and I didn't want it to end! Never never its so good!

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    Next time we go to the library we should see can borrow other books by Lauren St John!


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