Crossing the Continental Divide

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Winter Adventures

By: Dani, with help from Gramma

My gramma and I drove to Northwestern Montana. We crossed the Continental Divide near Butte.

We went up, up, and up to the top of a mountain pass and then down, down, down. That’s when we crossed the invisible line that divides our continent. We ran into freezing rain all the way to Missoula!

I had a big stomach ache, so Gramma stopped at a gas station and got some chewy, cherry-flavored antacid medication. A funny thing happened at the store by the gas station. In the antacid aisle a man’s voice said, “So did you guys drive in from A____?”

“Yes, we did!” I said.  Gramma didn’t recognize it was the deputy who lived next door to us, but I did!

We got back in the truck and drove and drove for hundreds of miles. I watched Spider Man in the backseat and fell asleep. In the morning we saw huge gray mountains. There was no snow and the weather was nice and warm.

When we got to Paradise, Gramma parked the truck alongside the road. I saw a mini-waterfall and I jumped out of the truck to go see it.

“What is it?” I asked. Gramma said, “It’s an artesian well.” I had so much fun putting my hands in the cold water and drinking it.  When Gramma asked me how it tasted, I said, “It’s clean!” I wanted to take a bath in it, but it was cold.

An artesian well is the healthiest water on earth. It gushes straight out of the mountain. I wanted to stay and explore but we still had a ways to go to get to Uncle Rob’s place.

Just before we got to Plains, we ran into a herd of Big Horn sheep. They were in the middle of the road and we drove behind them.

Finally, we arrived in Thompson Falls and I felt relieved to get out of the truck. When I walked in the door of Gramma Donna’s house, she welcomed me as if I was one of her own granddaughters. And then a man everyone called “Pops” welcomed me and said I could call him Grandpops.

There was a nice doggie named Rosy, a big brown dog. She loved to play. She loves children and when I woke up in the morning she was right by my door, waiting for me to play.

We ate French Toast for breakfast and then we drove to Trout Creek to visit Uncle Rob. I screamed, “Uncle ROBBIE!!!” I ran up to him and gave him a big hug.

Rob and Danielle

Uncle Rob was making a big fire where he works on his truck. It was messy, so I got a broom and helped clean.

I met a nice guy named George and George was really nice. We brought groceries. There was a bag of “15-bean soup” in there, and George said, “That will help your gas, Rob!” We all laughed.

Gramma drove me to where she used to live on the Vermillion River. We went exploring and found pretty rocks! We showed the rocks to Uncle Rob and he said, “I’ve got a friend who knows a lot about rocks. Let’s go show him what you found.”

So we went to a house in the woods. On the way, we saw a flock of emus.

One of the men used to be a taxidermist, and the house was full of stuffed animals. He was also a big rock collector. I felt really good that someone understood me. He showed me what kinds of rocks I had found.

I was invited to come back in the spring to go rock climbing and to learn more about rock collecting.

We went back home and it snowed and snowed and snowed.

I’ve got to go now because Grammy and I are going to make Chocolate Pixie cookies.

Bye for now!

I’ll be back soon. You can give me comments below, and if you want to hear more of my stories, you can put your email in the box at the top! 🙂



Dani and Gramma Sue are on a mission to share happiness with our readers. We have both known the deep pain of life going wrong and the feeling of being powerless. And yet, we are dazzled by the brilliance of God’s Light shining in the darkness and we cannot help but sing, shout, and write about the great things God is doing and about to do!
We love the country, horses, hiking, and exploring God’s world outdoors and through books. We spend most of our days together because we are homeschooling. :)

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  1. Susan

    It was fun writing together today, Danielle 🙂

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      Ok I will make sure. I will take a look. Thanks Brooke 🙂

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        I really like your blog btw.

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