The Crawler!

Dani's second monster

The Crawler

By: Dani

The crawler is a green worm who won't stop crawling. He is so, so, so very tired. There is nothing to get him to stop! He doesn't listen to anybody. He doesn't care what they're saying. He doesn't lisen to his mother, not even his brother, or his dad, either.

So everybody gives up. He is not going to have a good start in life. So let's be grateful for him and say he will get better.

Hope you make a monster. It's lots of fun!!!


dani 🙂

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  1. peacebestill

    I like your monsters, Dani. I also like how you have hope for this anti-social worm who doesn't listen to anyone. It's good to be grateful for the good and the bad, isn't it? You have a big heart!

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Wil lthank you for thouse kind words love you!! 🙂 

  2. Wayland

    Wow, there is a lit of unanswered questions in this story.  Are you going to do another??  Well done.

    1. Dani Erika (Post author)

      Yes, indeed! Plenty more to share. 🙂


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