Chocolate Cake with a Secret Ingredient – Yummy!

Dani's cake

Chef's School is Really Fun!

By: Dani

This week in Chef's School I've been learning about onions and garlic. Did you know there is onion in my cake? Well if you did not then oh well it is sure in there.

But wait you cannot taste it at all. You just taste chocolate!

I learned there are over 500 kinds of onions. The genus for onions is allium and the species is cativum. It's a bulb and that means it's a storehouse of nutrients for the plant. Here's one of the videos I watched:


Onions and garlic can keep you from getting sick. Onions are good for your heart, blood, and immune system. My teacher showed me some recipes to make with onions. And when I saw the chocolate cake, well, you can guess what I chose! Try it for yourself some day! Please and thank you. 🙂

Chocolate Cake Recipe Here

Other Onion Recipes

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  1. peacebestill

    I'm glad we had the courage to try this recipe, Dani. It's so moist and rich and really chocolatety! It's not a light and fluffy cake, probably because of those onions – they make the texture dense, like a brownie or a carrot cake.

    I've never heard of onions in a cake before, so this was certainly a first for our family! Good job – you are becoming a great chef!

    Now, on to some salsa…


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