What I Learned in Chef’s School this Week

What I Learned in Chef's School this Week

By: Dani

Well today my teacher, Mr. Dignan, told me to write about what I learned this week. What I am going to tell you about is about conduction.

Heat energy can be transferred by conduction, convection, and radition. In conduction heat spreads through a substance when faster atoms and molecules collide with neighboring slower ones, transferring some of their kinetic energy to them. Food is cooked when it touches the surface of the conductor.

Convection is about air moving the heat around. Food cooks faster because the air is heated faster.

And radiation is about waves that bounce off the metal walls of a microwave. The waves make the molecules inside the food vibrate.

Here I am making sacrbled eggs. You see, I was making eggs since I was 7yr old. I would make them all the time but I learned some new things during this week about making them soft and fluffy.

I thought I knew everything but I was wrong there is never too much to learn, even if you think you know you will be surprized of what you do not know.

So this is what I stood out to me during this week.

Have you been encouraged here today?

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