Liberty Business School

Hi, I’m Susan, Dani’s gramma. Family is the backbone of society. My dream is to support not only my own family but to help nurture, protect, and launch other families to be self-sustaining by owning a family business.

The world system rips families apart, with parents working 2nd and 3rd jobs and children running from program to program. Everyone needs their own therapist just to survive the rate race!

I dare to believe God has a better way and that it begins with Family as our genuine home base for education, income generation, and therapy. Why not, I say?

This is part of our ongoing journey to creating a new family legacy for our family and you’re welcome to join us!

Ron Paul Launches an Online Business School for High School Students

Ron Paul's New Business Curriculum "My curriculum (Ron Paul Curriculum) has launched a one-year course on starting a home business. Next term there will be a second year's course. I think business courses should be taught by experienced businessmen. In…
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