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Joy is a Choice

By: Grammy Sue

Dear Dani,

I know right now all you want, need, and care about is finding your very own horse. A horse that understands you. And I'm believing with you, with all of my heart, for this horse – and a place for him or her to live happily.

Equine therapy is well documented with astonishing reports of how horses heal inner wounds in humans that doctors and other people can't cure. I hear you. I know you have already experienced the healing power of a horse! I know you are desperate for a horse of your own.

You won't be able to figure out how this horse will come to you. It seems too huge, too hard… even impossible. But what if I could show you the Way to receiving this horse! What if it were as simple as choosing Joy?

I want to tell you about a dream I had in March of 2004. You were a little chubby baby back then, you know! And me? I was caretaking a man with serious injuries, who was about to undergo his 9th surgical procedure. A few days later I took home my own bionic man, complete with computer installed in his hip! He couldn't work anymore and I had to take care of him all day and all night.

How were we to find a place to live? Money to buy food? We had been terminated from our jobs because of the injury and it would be seven long years before we were compensated. This man was on strong drugs to help control the pain. What would happen if he ran out of medicine? 

I began to think… and wonder… and dream… and pray. I thought to myself, "He needs his horse! His horse will heal him!" His horse was in Illinois and we were in California. First I had to move two full size RV's from California to his dad's farm in Montana. Then I found a job at a boarding school for troubled teens. It was a start but I knew he needed so much more – he needed his horse friend – the horse called "Fire".  

One day I hitched up a borrowed horse trailer to our truck and I drove all the way to Illinois, over 1400 miles one way to get Fire. And when I got as far as Iowa my cell phone rang. It was my step-dad and he was distraught! My mother had a serious health issue and he was afraid she was dying. So I drove even faster, going to Michigan first – 1800 miles without stopping! It turned out my mom had something called "global amnesia" and she began to get better in a few days. 

Because we thought she was dying, my husband boarded an airplane and made an emergency trip to Michigan. It was a good thing he came, because I didn't know horses very well and Fire was the kind of horse that only behaved for one man – him! The rest of the world he would have liked to kill! (Except children, of course!)

I drove back to Montana with Fire in the trailer and my hurting man sitting beside me. It would have been very challenging, perhaps dangerous, for me to have taken Fire in and out of the horse trailer. A horse cannot stay in a trailer for 1400 miles without having a break, and Fire was not very good about being trailered!

I don't believe God caused my mom to suddenly fall ill, but I know God knew about it ahead of time and coincided the trip to get Fire so that we would all be safe.

When we arrived back in Northwestern Montana, Fire was so amazed! There were mountains everywhere he looked and tall larch trees, ponderosas, and the wildness everywhere! He probably smelled the bears and lions.

Fire had only seen flat land before, acres and acres of corn fields and grass.. but never mountains!

Fire shook his head often as he gazed back and forth, up and down the road. He was skittish and jumped nearly all the time if we walked him in the woods. My husband was not well enough to ride him, but just having Fire close to talk to was enough to help him recover. Would you like to see Fire? Here he is….

He's the funniest horse I ever met! I have a few humorous stories to tell you about Fire that will make you laugh, but first I want to share a dream I had about Joy, from that very same time period.

You can imagine I didn't feel a lot of joy when my job was terminated, when I had to move two RV's over 5600 miles total through the desert and up a narrow, winding mountain road! You can imagine it wasn't fun to go through the 9th surgery and to care for a very sick man. 

So when I had this dream I knew it was God telling me one of His secrets…. and it eventually led to us getting our horse. So this is the dream that showed me one of the best ways to be happy, to see your dreams come true:

I was sharing an apartment with a single woman and her children. There were no bedrooms in this building because it was a studio apartment – the smallest kind of apartment there is. Everyone shared the same tiny area. 

The home was decorated for Christmas. One particular evergreen arrangement caught my eye, as it was curved in the form of a word. That word was JOY.

As I contemplated the living evergreen in the form of JOY, I heard a voice say, "Learn to be happy whether you have a lot or a little."

The following Sunday, our pastor preached a sermon and the title was "JOY is a DECISION!" Having joy is not dependent on our circumstances – it's simply a decision to RECEIVE GOD'S GIFT!

Joy, peace and love are all gifts of the Spirit. That means when you're getting low on joy, peace, or love you can ask God for more! It means CHOOSING to BE joyful, because God lives in you and He's always full of joy.

Joy raises our energy and we vibrate at a higher frequency, as we've been learning in quantum physics. Joy is one of the highest vibrations there is, which means we are in a position to CREATE. God has made us co-creators of this world, and that means "All things are possible with God."

Let's bring that down to your horse. Your horse is in God. Right now he or she is a substance of what you hope for. That substance needs you to be aware of it, to observe it, by focusing on God and His ability to bring forth your greatest desire. That is what prayer is all about. It's not so much about begging God to give you a horse, but believing that God has your best interests in mind.

It's believing that Ephesians 1 is true and that this horse has already been chosen and set aside for you! And that being the case, our job is simply to focus on God's creative ability to do what is humanly impossible. And take one step every day to bring your horse to you, and that means praying in FAITH. Not begging… that's not believing. But SEEING in your heart the answer to your dreams and being grateful.

Be grateful for what? That you have legs to mount the horse, feet to stick into the stirrups. You have experience. You have already learned to ride. Be grateful for what has already been given to you and try not to be sad about what was lost. Your BEST LIFE is ahead of you, Dani-girl!

I'd like to challenge you write about your horse today… about what you will do together… about how you will care for him or her… and whatever else comes to your mind!

I love you!


PS I still need to remind myself to "choose JOY". It's so much easier to look at circumstances instead of looking BEYOND circumstances to the One who can show us the Way to overcome the obstacles. I hope you will help remind me, and I can remind you, too… to CHOOSE JOY! Joy is a gift of God and it's one of the BEST ways to receiving all of His gifts, including horses 🙂

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. Dani Erika

    That was a Amazing story and i loved it.

    you took a lot of time to do that for him.

    that was so incratabale

    thank you for shareing that story :0

    love dani


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