The Best Bunny Ever!

bunny heart

Cheddar, the Best Bunny Ever!

He sits so quiet.

He licks my hand and gives me kisses.

He's soft and warm and sits on my lap for hours.

He comes to me when I call his name.

bunny close up

He's litter box trained – I trained him in a day!

He leaps and does tricks.

He's special and he's the best bunny ever!

Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    I will always remember the day we went to the pet store to look for the best bunny for you, Dani.

    There was an older rabbit named Cupcake who was really sweet, and then an all-white rabbit with long, soft fur. I wondered if you might choose those sweet things, but you have a feeling about Cheddar from the first moment you saw him.

    And truly, he is indeed the BEST bunny ever! 


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