Belive In Things As You GO!

Just Believe!

By: Dani

Sometimes you have to believe even when you don't understand. That's what happened when Grandpa told us we have to move. We just moved. It is so nice. I love my new home.

Home sweet home they say. Well its true becouse i love it here!! smiley

Now this is the stuff that we did on or move. and I love it. It's about when we had our trailer all loaded. I set a bowl of rabbit food on the very edge of the trailer. On the tongue. And then we got in the truck. I forgot all about it!

I mean it was about to fall. It was only on a narrow rail. And we drove on a bumpy road for 2 hours!

The bowl stayed on there for two hours straight and we were going on bumps and the trailer bounces up so many times. And then we go to the gas place and i see the bowl that I left on the edge of the trailer… wow!surprise 

What in the world?? How did it not fall of!! omg how what and where how did that happen? I am blushing cause I almost cannot believe my bowl was still there! blush This is just one of the special things that happened on our move!

Ok now I know not to do that again! And I am learning to trust God! 



Have you been encouraged here today?

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  1. peacebestill

    It's not easy to walk in the dark, not knowing all that's up ahead. Faith only grows in the darkness, though, and faith is one of the most important things we can never have enough of. We are really learning to grow in faith this year, aren't we, Dani-girl? 🙂

    Good job writing all this out – I really enjoyed your article!


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