What To Do On A Bad,Sad Or Rainy Day

Want to know what I do on a bad, sad or a rainey day? Well me and my friend next door do a lot of things.

One thing we do together is we pretend like we are horses. We ride sticks. We barrel race. We do the poles too. So me and her get our cowboy boots and her moms and set up like barrels in real life. And we get our stick horses and run around the barrels. It's fun and anots are names and horses names too!

We also sing our favret songs together, and on nice days we go to the farm and ride on are horses too. We play on the trampolen in the rain and make the drops pop up around our feet. We run in the rain.

We pretend we are anmails in a pet store. It's a make up a game like someone will be the cosermer and the shop person. We have lots of fun on bad, sad or rainy days. It's still fun and you can make it fun!

That's just what we do on those days. You can make your game up with your friends too!

Bye for now,


Have you been encouraged here today?


  1. peacebestill

    I love this wisdom, Dani! You don't just speak it but you live it, too.

    I love hearing you and your friends giggle, laugh, and wow – you should hear the vibrations as you girls run up and down the house on your stick horses!

    All adults should take your advice. Children often know the best ways to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. And just as you've shared, it means laughing, getting goofy, and just enjoying your time with a friend.

    I need to take your advice more often, Dani-girl!

  2. Dani Erika (Post author)

    Oh please… i just share my joy with family and friends. becouse its best too!


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