About Dani

Danielle and Gramma Sue

Welcome to DaniSpeaks.com!

A place where Dani speaks and Gramma Sue helps her to edit her spelling 'n grammar.

Life is my schoolroom and loving God and His creatures is my religion. That's why I named my homeschool Freedom Academy. Freedom means you get to take responsibility for your life, your world, your studies, and your time.

Why I'm online…

DaniSpeaks is where I share what I'm learning about the free life. I write a lot of essays in school and I post them here. You can help me, if you want. Leave a comment and tell me how I can improve my writing. Or share some of your own stories and what you've learned in life!

What I'm studying…

  • Ancient World History
  • Civics
  • Science (Chef's School or Food Science, Space Exploration and Rocket Science, Art School, Theater and Storytelling, and Filmmaking,)
  • English (Literature, spelling, writing, and grammar)
  • Math
  • Latin I
  • Health and Safety

Who I am…

I am 11 years old and teachers never know what to do with me, because I usually don't make sense to them. I hate it when people try to change me. I like it when people take time to see me underneath my skin, to the real me, and they remind me of who I am, even when I don't feel myself. One of these people calls me a Golden Girl.

What I do…

I like to travel. I have lived in 3 states. I love horses and I hope to be in rodeo soon. I like to sing and dance. I like to play with my bunny Cheddar. I also have a pet rat named Max. My kitten is called Yoda and I love him too. I play "Minecraft" and "Our World" and if you want to join me, send me a note.

I hope this site encourages you…

One thing I've learned is God makes something good out of everything that happens to us. I see God in the world and I write about what I learn.

Sharing stories with each other is one way we can grow closer. If more people have the courage to share their stories, the whole world gets closer to each other. If the whole world gets closer, there will be more love and no more wars.

Telling your story can change the world! I hope I am encouraging you to share your stories.

Bye for now,