A Wrinkle in Time

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A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

Book Report by: Dani

A Wrinkle in Time takes place on three different planets: Earth, Uriel, and Camazotz.

Main Characters:

  1. Meg – She doesn't fit in at school. She's around 12 years old and she has to save her brother and her dad from It. 
  2. Calvin – He can sense things and has good intuition. He's 13 years old and he's a good basketball player. Everyone thinks he's cool but he is different. He never felt like he fit in anywhere until he met the Murry family.
  3. Charles Wallace – He's 6 years old and he can hear voices in his head. He can read people and he's smart. He never talks to anyone except to his family and special people. 
  4. Mrs. Witch – She is old and has an echo in her voice. She seems scary until you get to know her.
  5. Mrs. Whatsit – She is very nice and loves children. She's trying to help the children get to their dad so they can fight It.
  6. Mrs. Who – She is really smart, loving, and she wears special glasses.
  7. IT – This is an evil, evil person who you would never want to be around. He tortures people until they become the same as everyone else. He takes special people like Charles Wallace and Meg because he needs their power.
  8. Mr. Murry – He is Meg's and Charles Wallace's father. He is a scientist and got stuck on Camastoz. 
  9. Mrs. Murry – She is studying about tessaracts because her husband was experimenting with it before he disappeared.

Meg and Charles Wallace meet Mrs. Whatsit in a haunted house. Calvin comes with them. She changes her shape and tells the children to ride on her back. She has wings and can fly. She tells them they must save their dad because there is a dark cloud covering their whole planet and their father is behind the cloud.

It's very dangerous so first they tavel to Muriel where it's beautiful and there is no darkness at all. They traveled by tessaract. A tessaract is a way to move from one point to another by wrinkling time so there's no time, space, or distance.

They traveled to Camazotz, which is full of darkness because that is where It lives. All the people do all the same things at the same time and to the same rhythm. No one is allowed to be different.

Meg saved her dad by using Mrs. Who's special spectacles, which is her glasses. She used them to get into the invisible wall to save her dad. 

It took Charles Wallace under his power and Meg saved Charles Wallace from It, too.

I can't believe It is so powerful that he can hurt and kill anybody and he's in control all the time. But it makes it even more incredible that Meg destroyed It and all the darkness left that planet.

I would recommend this book to a friend because it's a good adventure book and if you're different it doesn't mean you will not do anything in your life. You can be a change in the world and help people.

I give A Wrinkle in Time 5 stars! Would you?

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  1. peacebestill

    Madeleine L'Engle wrote many books, but "A Wrinkle in Time" is considered to be her masterpiece and it's a best seller. It was the Newberry Award, too.

    It's interesting that she had a difficult time finding a publisher who would take a risk on this book. They felt it was too far above children's heads – too difficult to grasp the concepts of quantum physics.

    But Madeleine says that if a subject is too difficult, then it's best to write it for children. I really like her philosophy!

    I remember reading this book when I was a kid, but you know… I have read it many times over the years, and I enjoy it so much more each time I read this book. There is always more details to take notice of! And the story never grows old.

    You know, that feeling of being "different" and not fitting in? I love how Madeleine handles Meg's character. And from what I've heard, the character Meg is much like Madeleine herself. 

    I would also give it 5 stars, and I know how much you dislike book reports, so high five to you, Dani! 🙂

  2. Brooke

    I've read A Wrinkle In Time.


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