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Finding Your Purpose

Dear Dani,

I believe our purpose in life is to be happy, that God is a joyful father who loves his kids and wants us all to be happy. It makes him happy when we live a life of purpose, living passionately and meaningfully. Jesus calls it "abundant" life – and it's meant for all of us to enjoy.

This past week you and I were watching Emily of New Moon. In one scene, a new school teacher arrived at the New England sea coast village where Emily lives. He's the first teacher who recognizes Emily's writing gift and encourages her to pursue her passion.

He presents the idea that each person in the world has a unique gift -a  passion – to share with the world. He gives an assignment for each of his students to identify their unique gift.

Emily shows us that embracing your gift means sacrifice, even to the point of fighting for it when controlling authority figures want to smoosh you into a mold that is unsuitable for you.

Your gift may be critcized and you may be rejected for it. You may suffer criticism, even from your own self. You may want to give up hundreds of times. But your passion for the gift keeps you going, and if you don't quit, your gift changes the world.

I would like challenge you, Dani, to identify your gift and to take some action steps to use your gift this week! Please read the following quote by Shannon Keiser, in the Huffington Post to help get you started:

To lead a purposeful life, follow your passions. When we live a passion-filled life we are living on purpose, and that is the purpose of life.

That feeling that something is missing goes away when you lead a passion-filled life. The need to seek our purpose comes from a lack of passion. When you don't feel connected to your life, you lack purpose and passion. To fix this emptiness simply add more passion. To boil it down, remember this simple equation:

Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life

Consider that the real purpose of anyone's life is to be fully involved in living. 

And I challenge myself, too, because no matter what age we are it's too easy to get distracted, to be pulled to a different direction, and to find ourselves off track.

That's why I try to write each and every day, because I want to help people to see that no matter how dark, deep, or despairing your life experience has taken you, there is beauty. And in finding that beauty you discover meaning. A life filled with meaning and purpose is beautiful.

Life is beautiful, no matter what. Sometimes we just don't see the beauty because our fears and doubts loom so large in the picture we are painting of our life stories. Like artists, though, we can understand that darkness only serves to enhance the colors of light!

I am passionate about homeschool, too, because there is so much more time to focus on what you're passionate about. It alarms me to consider the majority of us have been programmed to have others make our daily decisions about how we spend our time. Time is more precious than gold!

A blogger with a rare gift of practical wisdom, Esther Emery, shared these two points today (there are 9 more at her site, here – about why she's returning to homeschooling.

1. We would like to raise kids who know how to manage their own time. It worries me a lot to have school age children already having their lives prescribed by bells. Of course I think there is great value in routine. But I’d rather they learned routine connected to light and dark, warm and cold, the turning of spheres rather than the numbers on a clock.

2. We would like to raise kids who know how to entertain themselves. Even more than the time-management thing it worries me to have kids who don’t know how to have fun without fun being fed to them. I’d say it takes my kids about two hours of play to detox from their school day and get back to a completely free play mode, where they are really able to make up stuff to do on their own, from scratch. That means it really doesn’t happen AT ALL on school days, and not until midday on Saturday. If you think about how their minds are being trained? There is a whole lot more of the stimulus-response training than there is of the thinking-for-yourself training. Which is wayyyyyyy not our family value.

I like to quote people when they share something I deeply believe in. For however long we can be together in this homeschool endeavor, Dani, I hope every single day brings you joy, fun, and a meaningful time of pursuing your passions. 

Even if it's something you don't really like, like spelling, I hope we can always turn it into something fun… like using a box full of baking soda to trace letters in. I find meaning in life by helping you to have fun learning. 

You are such a gifted young lady and every single day I'm in awe to listen what comes out of your mouth, to hear your laugh, and to see your sparkling smile!

I believe in your dream – in the ranch, the horses, and your five kids. I believe in YOU and your ability to find meaning, even in the days of pain and trials.

You are a child, but also an ancient soul. God knew you on the day he created the world (Ephesians 5 says) and he made provision for you so that you could live the life of your dreams. 

I hope you never settle for less. Remember that Good is the Enemy of the Best. Your gift, Dani, is so brilliant that all of hell has tried to stop you. You haven't had the easist life, but it's a beautiful life.

Make the most of this time you have. Time management is just as important as times tables. Make the most of your passions. You don't have to wait until you're an adult to begin living your best life now.

Never give up on your dreams. Never downsize your dreams to fit your paycheck. Never, never give up! 

I love you,


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  1. peacebestill (Post author)

    You have LOTS of gifts, Dani – you don't have to narrow it down to just one!


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