A Best Friend Horse

by dani

I really want this horse I mean a horse but I don't know what horse but I know there is a horse out there for me I can just feel It.

I think I've been waiting too long because it was hard when I lost this special horse that was my Grandma's but he felt like he was mine. We were best friends. We really had a good bond, untill a person that I trusted sold the horse, my horse Well, he was like my horse. And I was the last to know that he was sold. I don't really think you understand how much pain a was in. My best friend was taken from me. Since six years now, I really never bonded with another horse again. You don't know how much I cried and I still cry to this point. I hope I can get him back or find a new horse that I can own to bond with. I wish and hope you guys don't go through what I did about losing you horse best friend.

Have you been encouraged here today?

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